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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cough, Aug 24, 2021.

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    Hi, I'm writing this today because it has came to my attention due to someone buying ULT and not realising it doesn't come with the rank but its bought separately. Now I know it used to come with the rank but it doesn't now however /nightvison and /fly is included with the ranks with /fly being included at HERO rank.

    Ive been a member since 2016, I got my hero rank around 2017 or so and Ive been hero ever since and i always thought about having /auto but was discouraged to buy ULT for one of the main reasons being /auto.
    Now if the server sold /auto just like it does with nick, fly and nv, i would of bought /auto separately a good few years ago however I wasn't able to. Now a lot of people don't really know about /auto and don't know how useful it can be since its not sold other then included with a $50 rank and just like /fly it can be bought separately and I think making /auto an option on the store it would be in a pretty high demand just like /fly or /nick and by doing this ULT rank still keeps its value with /auto being sold separate since people would see /god not purchasable separate and would still encourage people to buy ULT and /god is certainly worth included for a $50 rank however I think /auto would be a great feature to many people who haven't had the chance to spend $50 on a rank just like it is a great feature for people without ranks to purchase /fly.

    Thanks for the read and please like to see how many people would agree and if you disagree please tell me why
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    if someone has bought the hero rank like i had done and then upgraded to ultimate they could just actually read through the things you get instead of unknowingly getting several other things along with the rank itself