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    After a lengthy conversation with amber i decided to post this.

    Quartz ore was removed from shop making it very difficult to build my "huge bases" unless i farmed more than i wanted. I joined the server because building blocks were in the admin shop, and i was able to farm crops and buy the blocks from shop. That being said..

    I started asking around for quartz blocks to be added to the shop so observers couldn't be made and i would still have access to the block to build huge with. I was told it wasn't going to happen but quartz ore would be reinstate if we petitioned and it would be at a higher price.

    Original price of quarts ore was 2k per stack which admittedly was too low for the farms that are currently out there. But it would bring my quartz block to a 8k area and i was fine with that even with the current 40 dubs of quartz i need atm for my base.

    Now the petition is over and quartz ore was added back.. ( i think it should be higher in price, but the recipe to convert blocks back to ore was added, and the price was jacked to 384k per stack.) I'm not sure why recipe was added, but 384k per stack assures us no one can afford 40dubs of quartz anytime soon.

    I would like the recipe removed to convert quartz blocks back to ore, and i would like a more appropriate building block price in shop so we can enjoy building again.

    I would to further point out ky is doing his best, and although I dont understand his decisions fully, i know he's got best interest of server in mind. I just think in this case we went a little to far

    Thank you,
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    First of all I’d like to say Thank you for outro message. I appreciate the kindest.

    I’d also like to mention in this post that nothing was done with bad intentions. Prices and recipes weren’t ever added to get on your/ somebodies back they were adjusted because I felt like it was a fair thing to do. I felt making the price adjustments that I’d also make a few changes players were discussing about/ have been discussing about which is the ability to decompress normal quartz blocks/ or add them to shop. I thought to myself “why not both” not thinking of the pricing situation. It was an extremely high price which I do agree about but that’s only due to the quantity and pricing of the actual ores.

    Thinking a little light of the situation and seeing some of your recommendations, I’ll be reasonable and nerf the pricing of the normal quartz blocks and its varieties. The recipe will be removed just so you cannot abuse the system. I’ll also be adding a variety of other quartz blocks into the shop; however, this will come at a later date. The quartz will be changed either later today or tomorrow.

    Cheers, take care!