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  1. TheDogtorIsIn

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    Jul 22, 2020
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    There could be a name tag that lets you write in it. You take the special name tag, put it in an anvil, write what you want, and then can stick it on animals or even villagers. Then, every time you talk to the villager, they cycle through what you wrote. There could be an option for random lines (like if you're writing a basic conversation) or for the lines to be in order (like for a shop where you can list prices).

    I was thinking this could be used for nitwits/ jobless villagers in shops since you could put your prices as something they say, or for warps that have a certain theme. Like if someone created a ranch where it was "run" by villagers, then the villagers could say things like "sure is hot today" or even "my grandad ran this here ranch, but now it's up to me.". They could also be like "cobblestone for $10/stack" or "make sure to check out my other farms".

    The animals could also say things like "moo, I'm a pig" or even just "I used to be a warrior cat but then I took an arrow to the knee".Overall it could add some immersion to villagers/ animals or even just be silly.

    Of course there would have to be limited characters per line and probably a line limit and would have to follow the same chat rules (like no directly cursing at someone) and be subject to monitoring; but it could also be a privilege (like silk touch) where someone who violates the rules can lose their ability to use the special name tag. The messages could pop up in chat (since the text could be cut off or invisible depending on what background the walls have).