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    NEW Spooky sZn!
    Hello again! Its that time of year where we celebrate nothing but darkness. lol. During this time we have decided to settle down a bit; however, still bring you at least some updates that you might love. We hope you're enjoying the server more then we are despite the bugs & glitches. We're more then happy with the outcome and theres more to coming soon that we're excited about. Knowing this isn't a BIG update we still hope you love the halloween stuff none the less. Trick or treat!

    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active and more because you want to see the server grow and more. You may donate separately over at

    Thank you to everybody that has participated in playing on the network. We're extremely proud and happy with all these updates so.. we wanted to do something special. Soon, we'll be giving away an EXCLUSIVE tag. Be on the look out!

    NEW Features & Changes!

    These have been waiting to be implemented to Peaceful Farms; however, we just needed for them to be less of an annoying bug(No pun intended) before releasing to the audience. I think you'll like these features/changes!

    ➣ Taunt Punch Feature
    ➣ Ability to remove the gold bar menu
    ➣ More cosmetics
    ➣/warp end will now randomly teleport you in the end.
    I'd also like to mention that Peaceful Farms now expanded to be apart of more social media platforms. More content will be provided to these services over time.

    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Youtube Account
    [Click to be redirected] Peaceful Farms Twitter Account

    Interested in seeing our changelog for Halloween? Take a look below

    - Nerfed Mythical Fish Tier by 75%
    - Nerfed Fish tiers(Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary) by 10%
    - Nerfed Cactus prices by 10%
    - Nerfed Melon prices by 10%
    - Fixed the issue with Missions not counting blocks the higher the efficiency.
    - Fixed the duplication bug with Missions
    - Fixed the issue with not being able to PVP in the End realm.
    - Fixed the issue with [item] being very inconsistent. ( has been removed as result)
    - Fixed the issue with /local and /global not working as intended.
    - Fixed the issue with /pwarp not working as intended.
    - Fixed the issue with Withers stacking.
    - Fixed the issue with fish in spawn stacking to 200+.
    - Fixed the issue with donators not being able to list more items on auction house.
    - Enderdragon spawn has a special build, better then before :)
    - “Dragon Egg” is now functional. The custom dragon is still being adjusted!
    - Links including ‘apply’ have been changed to be more obvious to where you’re going.
    - Added more cosmetics:
    1. Halloween Aura (Bundle Edition)
    2. Bob Ross Rainbow Aura (Bundle Edition)
    3. VAMPIRE Tag (Bundle Edition)
    4. Fire Tag (Bundle Edition)
    5. Bones Particle (Bundle Edition)
    6. Bob Ross Tag (Bundle Edition)
    - Written & Signed books have been disabled from Auction House due to scams.
    - Various more words were blacklisted in customsuffix.
    - Merged Application Requirements & Format
    - Fixed the issue with Missions not expiring correctly (Let me know)
    - Fixed the issue with customenchantments not counting towards progress of Missions.
    (This fixes MOSTLY all the bugs related to Missions)
    - Fixed the issue with losing items when decompressing.
    - Fixed the issue with Compressed Enderpearls displaying as “(x576)” instead of 144.
    - Fixed multiple issues with Daily Bonus
    (This may make previous compressed enderpearls useless. Please contact an administrator or higher to change them)
    - Fixed the issue with being able to duplicate compressed enderpearls
    - Fixed the issue with Coconut taunt not performing correctly
    - Added Prismarine Crystals have been added to /prices
    - Added easier way to use certain warps.
    /warp crates is now just /crates
    /warp missions is now just /missions
    - New recipes & more!
    1. Guardian Spawner Recipe has been added to pickperk & recipes.
    2. You’re now able to compress Prismarine Shards.
    3. Prismarine Tools Pack is now a new perk & coming soon :)
    4. Hardened Obsidian has been buffed.
    5. Pig Spawner Recipe has been changed & involves more manual work.
    6. You’re now able to compress COD & Salmon fish.
    7. You’re now able to compress Cobblestone. (This compressed item is available for all players to create; however, 8. only players with the compressed items perk may decompress cobblestone)
    - More cosmetics have been added:
    1. Bite Taunt (Bundle Edition)
    2. Different variations of Karts
    - Items removed from shop:
    1. Prismarine Crystals
    2. Prismarine Shards
    3. Quartz
    4. Beef
    5. Carrot
    6. Potato
    & more
    - All ores & ingots in shop have been made higher in price.
    - Removed “Sellshard AVG” for time being due to it conflicting with Gold Bar Menu
    - Fixed being able to place the Gold Bar Menu on both the Armor stand & Item Frame
    - Fixed the issue with Gold Bar Menu not working correctly when sell shards update.
    - Fixed minor issues with InteractiveMenu

    - Added Halloween Bundle to the store (Limited time. This will be removed 20/11/19)
    - Added Halloween Mission to Missions (Limited time. This will be removed 05/11/19)

    -Peaceful Farms now has a twitter! Come say hi over at

    This was last updated: 19/10/19

    NEW Halloween Mission!

    Since we aren't doing a massive event like year, we still thought it would be pleasing to hear that there is something special going on. This mission will guarantee you exclusive rewards along-side some extra money. We will also be hosting a small event in-game so please be on the look out!

    You can find out more information of what is required to complete the mission by coming online and heading over to Peaceful Farms Network.

    NEW Halloween Bundle!
    Introducing the new season to the bundle packages, although we'd like to keep the bundles set to limited amount of seasons, due to the amount of positive feedback we saw with the previous bundles especially the Summer Standard & Summer Deluxe bundle(s) we thought we'd include Halloween.

    ➣ Rainbow Armour
    ➣ 6 Halloween Keys
    ➣ 2 Exclusive pre-made tags (Vampire Tag & Fire Tag)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive taunt (Vampire Taunt)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive Pet (Orange GoKart Pet)

    ➣ 2 Exclusive Particles (Halloween Aura & Bones)
    ➣ 1 Exclusive Disguise (Wither Disguise)
    ➣ 7500 Claimblocks
    ➣ 1000 Sellshard uses

    ➣ 25% Personal Sell Multiplier


    ➣ Bob Ross Aura Particle
    ➣ Bob Ross Tag
    Here are some cool previews of the bundle, any extra information you may of course ask for assistance on the matter.

    Thank you for reading & we hope you enjoy the updates
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    Heck yeah,, the bundle is so cool!

    Peep that artwork : )
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    Loved the bundle and the mission was fun <3