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    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    This announcement entails the implementation of our Spring update on the Peaceful Farms Network.
    Spring's events will include: Admin hosted events server events, Karaoke night event (Hosted on discord) and a Easter Head Hunt in spawn. More details about these events happening will be announced on our discord. Please make sure you verify your discord account to access different benefits to our discord!

    Here are some of the updates we're working on:

    • Guardian Boss / Prestige 5 Update.
    • Plans for 1.17 and network update.
    Information on delays and other update news:

    Hello to whom may be reading this small part of the announcement. The "Guardian Boss / Prestige 5" update was suppose to be released to the community back in February. We have decided to delay this update as you may have noticed due to many different circumstances. We still are carefully taking this update with ease as this boss will bring an entire different aspect to the community.

    Here are some screenshots and teasers of the Guardian Boss Update:


    I'm sure many people are waiting to see what this update entails. There is no exact date to when this update may be released but we can ensure that this update comes with careful decision making and detail. You won't be disappointed.
    Spring and easter are here! We're excited to show you all of our crate contents and more! From new pet additions, bundle additions and other cool cosmetics. The spring crate features enchantment levels that have never been released before. Welcoming Excavation II and Blast III. New tool renames that match the theme of the month and amazing detailed bumblebee particles from the bundle!


    There is now a 25% SALE until the end of April! get your hands on these cool spring contents now!


    Here are the Standard Spring Bundle contents and some images:

    • x6 Spring Crate Keys
    • 7500 Claim blocks
    • 800 sellshard use
    • x2 25% Global sell booster
    Here are some images of the bundle contents:


    The Staff Team and i, all hope you have an amazing Spring / Easter Holidays!
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