Important Spring/Easter & Player Warps Update 2022

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    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    This announcement entails the the implementation of our Spring/Easter and beloved 'Player Warps' feature found on the Peaceful Farms Network. This update is mostly focused on the 'Player Warps' aspect but with Spring related events and store packages.

    Here are some of the updates and information about the Spring/Easter Update:
    • Easter map with a bigger and better head hunt. Collect over 50 heads to receive rewards!
    • Easter map mini-game "Hide and Seek". Queue with friends and disguise as mobs around the map and be the last to be caught! Exclusive reward for first time win!
    • Easter map Easter Eggs which can be collected every 5 minutes with small rewards!
    • Spring Crate, Spring Bundle 2021 & new Easter Bundle 2022.
    Here are some of the updates and information about the Player Warps Update:
    • Entirely revamped menu. With a new sleek design to accommodate for all new or improved options. Providing the visitor or warp owner with more information than before.
    • The global menu now supports options to create a warp, manage your warps or change the order of the way the global menu is listed. Possible orders WEIGHTED (Default), VISITS, BUMPS, OLDTONEW, NEWTOOLD.
    • Warps have been revamped in most aspects. Your warp will now have a UNIQUE ID which can be compared to a username. The unique id can be used in commands such as /pwarp use <uniqueWarp-ID> or similar. Here are the conditions for the warp id:
      • Unique IDs cannot be the same as another pre-existing unique ID.
      • Unique IDs can only be alphabetical letters. You cannot have a unique ID with special characters, numbers, spaces or other sort.
      • Unique IDs cannot be named as a username of a player who has joined the server before. I.e you cannot create a warp named “dadky”.
      • Unique IDs length must be between 3 and 16.
      • Unique IDs must follow the existing filter. This means curse words cannot be included.
    • Warps now have levels. Each level provides you with different warp benefits. Possible options are:
      • The ability to set/change the player warp icon.
      • The ability to set/change the warp spawn location.
      • The ability to set/change the warp description.
      • The ability to set/change warp rules.
      • The ability to set/change the warp welcome message to visitors.
      • The ability to toggle the warp visibility (Most used for maintenance)
      • The ability to set/change the warp nickname (This includes colors)
    • Warps now have weight. This means that the higher the weight, the higher the warp’s position will be in the global warp menu. Warps can gain weight from different situations. Here is the possible ways:
      • 0.3 weight increase for warp level up.
      • 0.1 weight increase for unique visitors.
      • 5.0 weight increase for a warp bump.
    • Warps now have a ban management. If the player is banned from your warp, they will be denied teleportation. The warp icon will not show when they’re in the menu. If they use the ‘use’ option of the /pwarp command, they’ll be notified of their ban. Please understand that banning staff members is pretty much useless. Please also understand that this doesn’t exempt players from entering your claim by other means.
    • Warps can now be paid in advance and after half it’s expiration time. After 1 week, you’re able to pay your bill and have your warp up-to-date without having to lose any warp progression. If your warp bill is paid, you can add money to your ‘Advanced Balance’ which will be used instead of you having to pay. The max is 150k.
    • Warps will turn “expired” if the bill is not paid in time. You’ll have 30 days to restore your warp otherwise your warp will be abandoned and all progress will be removed.
    • Warps now have rules. Rules is a setting that can be unlocked. Players can view the rules you set with the command /pwarp rules <uniquewarp-ID>
    • Players can now go back to their previously visited warp from the door icon found in the /pwarp menu.
    Here are some of the behind the scenes:

    We haven't done this in a while; however, if you're interested in viewing the overall changelog, here are some of the changes we've made to player warps within creating Player Warps 2.0. Keep in mind there are tons of changes that we haven't included simply because we didn't feel like they needed to be included.

    - Added some more command uses i.e "create", "use" & "delete".

    - Added warp ban list to menu. Functionality is still iffy.

    - Added protection for warp teleports. If the spawn location is unsafe, players will not be able to teleport.

    - Ban list members will no longer see the player warp in the menu.

    - Players with the permission "pwarp.ban.exempt" can no longer be banned from warps.

    - Bumps are per player and that player can only bump once a month. Warp bumps get reset monthly so they dont get abused.

    - Visits are based on IP so for example: Only 1 person from a set of siblings can count as a view towards the player warp.

    - Warp unique ID (The main name of the warp and the dark gray text above name:) can only be alphabetical letters. This means numbers, special characters, symbols and spaces are disallowed. This could also be seen as a username for your player warp.

    - Warp name and description can only use color codes once you have access to the name edit feature.

    - Default players will have access to create 1x warp while p4, apprentice, hero and ultimate will grant you an additional 1x warp for each package.

    - If a player bans another player from the player warp, that warp menu icon will not be shown to the banned player when they open up global warps; however, if the player uses the command version "/pwarp use <uniqueID>" they'll receive a message saying they're banned.

    - Staff groups that have the permission "pwarp.ban.exempt" will be disallowed from being banned and if they were banned before they received the permission, they'll be taken off the ban list if they have the exempt permission.

    - 48 hours before a player warp expires, the warp owner will receive a notice message saying they need to pay their warp rent. The rent is based on your priority spot along-side how many visits you have. The same notice will appear at 24 hours aswell if not paid before.

    - Descriptions, names and uniqueID's will all have a filter disallowing them from using words. UniqueIDs also cannot use the same name as another existing uniqueID.

    - (Up for discussion) normal icons can be changed to your skull and a various amount of other blockIDs; however, specific blocks not yet defined can only be applied depending on what donator rank / warp level you have.

    - If a player warp is to expire, the progress of that warp will be entirely cleared along-side the ban list and other adjustments made.

    - Players who were banned prior to being given the ban exemption permission, will be unbanned and teleport you to the warp spawn location as normal.

    - Warp spawn locations will be considered “compromised” if there is a forbidden block within a 3 block radius OR there is no block below the spawn point.

    - Patched the issue where the argument would be incorrect when trying to remove the player warp using the command.

    - Patched the issue where the manage menu would not be calculated properly or replace a warp with an unavailable permission slot.

    - Implemented a world whitelist. The current world white list is “World”, “World_the_end” & “Nether”.

    - Implemented a world filter. This should take priority over our normal filter. Rules team will have the best judgment on whether or not a player warp should be removed.

    - Added support for icons being changed. If the material is a player head, it’ll be reassigned to your player skull texture. This is because we don’t want players to - impersonate other players.

    - UniqueID’s can no longer have player names in them to prevent impersonation.

    - Made a ton of back-end changes to listeners. This makes things more readable and organised!

    - Implemented pagination to the global warps menu.

    - Pagination menu buttons are now working.

    - Location safety has been added to all methods of location change and on warp teleport.

    - Warp visibility is now functional. Players cannot not see the warp in the gui and it will tell the player the warp is no a warp if they try use the command.

    - Warp icon has been changed from hand item to an open gui which you can select an icon. Different packages of items will appear depending on your permission and warp level.

    - Bump feature is now functional. You cannot bump your own warp and you can only bump a warp once a month.

    - Implemented a satisfying noise for bumping a warp.

    - Bumping a warp now refreshes the menu for you.

    - Implemented a order system. Click the sunflower to change the menu warp order. Current orders "WEIGHTED, NEWTOOLD, OLDTONEW". Default is Weighted.

    - Patched a bug where you could not enter a warp through warp management after relogging.

    - Implemented "Advanced balance". You can add $50k a time and the landlord method will repay it automatically if there is enough.

    - After half the expiration time, you'll receive a notification if you're online mentioning whether you owe a bill or a payment was taken from your advanced balance. If you're not online, it'll send you messages once you login for more information.

    - Implemented more warp orders to the main global warp menu. This includes "VISITS" & "BUMPS".

    - Implemented more weight methods. (0.1 increase per unique visit | 5.0 increase per warp bump | 0.3 increase per warp level up)

    - Implemented `/kywarps paybill <uniqueWarp-id>` as a command. This works the same way as the bill button.

    - Changed bump suffix "(hype)" requirement from 50 to 25.

    - Implemented a confirm menu for deleting a player warp. This is to prevent accidental warp removals.

    - Implemented MySQL. This will be our main saving method for player warps. Can easily be adjusted for cross-server support depending on use case.

    - Implemented 6 separate MySQL tables "owner", "location", "warps", "bans", "visits" and "expiration". (Stores different information etc)

    - Changed the system for visits. Visits has been internally changed to be security safe taking advantage of md5. (Instead of saving IPs we'll be saving md5 strings) This also means we will not be storing player IPs within the database or in memory.

    - Fixed the issue where the 'exist' method would cause similar warps to either duplicate or replace pre-existing warps.

    - Implemented "isDue" method from the warp into the "warps" MySQL table.

    - Expiration table now saves seconds and time millis.

    - Fixed the issue where reloading the plugin caused players to not be able to pay a bill anymore but the warp would show as expired.

    - Fixed the issue where the MySQl expiration table would not remove deleted warps.

    - Removed “seconds” value from expiration table for future configuration changes.

    - MySQL now saves the calendar time milliseconds in the owner table for creation date.

    - Changed the expiration timer to now be formatted in the manage menu.

    - Manage menu now updates every minute to match up with the expiration timer.

    - Manage menu warp icon now shows if the payment is due after half the expiration time.

    - Opted to a more optimal way of grabbing, connecting and disconnecting to the MySQL database by using Hikari.

    - Patched the issue where the plugin would not grab the necessary information for bumps.

    - Changed the button order for the confirmation menu. Previously lime to cancel instead of it being the opposite way.

    - Implemented a method to reset bumps on the 1st of every month during the year.

    - Implemented safety measures for resetting bumps incase of accidental crashes that day.

    - Patched the issue where the plugin would not grab the necessary information for levels.

    - (This is not final) Warps can only have a nickname which includes colors if they have purchased the nickname package from the store.

    - MySQL saving is now 100% complete minus any potential saving errors.

    - Warp nicknames now forbid the bold color code.

    - Implemented a message stating that you need the nickname package when trying to use colors in a warp nickname.

    - Patched the issue where the plugin would not grab the necessary information for advanced balance.

    - Implemented ‘misc’ MySQL table for miscellaneous data like bumps. Potentially will save order in the future.

    - List of players who have bumped during the month will now save correctly.

    - Player's max warp limit is now based on the max integer of all permissions they have starting with "pwarp.create.". This replaces our previous system which only allowed warp creation increments which is kind of redundant.

    - Adjusted the manage menu to now support the new permission system.

    - Staff with the permission node 'pwarp.admin' can now delete any player warp listed in the global warps menu.

    - Players can no longer have a nickname passed 16 characters after colors.

    - Patched the issue where worlds outside of the whitelist allowed players to create player warps.

    - Patched an issue with manage menu not working after relogs due to permissions.

    - Implemented a clicking cool down to the menu. Currently 0.08.

    - Fixed some minor things.

    - Tried to adjust the spawn 'location safety' feature to be optimised. There is of course ways around this but our intention is just to try and minimise that potential. The blocks below are banned within a 3x3 radius from the spawn point of your player warp.

    - The warp level menu has been updated. The level line now has information and updates. The level line also shows you what setting you unlocked and how many

    - repayments you need for each level.

    - The level system has been changed to be customisable instead of a fixed pattern. Changeable within configuration.

    - Temporary disabled the updateMeta method due to menu itemstack duplication.

    - Implemented new “Previously Visited” icon. View some information and click for easy navigation. Unfortunately for now, this will not save over restarts.

    - Optimized the landlord class. This should be a lot cleaner.

    - Patched the possibility of the warp expiring without giving you the option to repay.

    - Implemented new setting "Rules" which can be unlocked at level 3.

    - Implemented command `/pwarp rules <warpID>`

    - Implemented a rules setting in the warp menu. You can add, clear or view ruling(s)

    - Revisited the saving method to make extra checks. This should remove unnecessary saving and vise versa. Previously it would save bans, visits and extra information even if they were empty or not set. **Needs to be performance tested**

    - Players with the permission node "pwarp.stopnotify" will no longer be notified if somebody use's their warp.

    - Fixed the overall issue with lores not updating in the Manage Menu.
    There is Spring/Easter sale of 20% that will be active for the duration of 1 month. Get your hands on some of our amazing cosmetics and other content that we've released for this season.

    You can view Spring/Easter related store packages by clicking here!
    You can view all our store packages at ;)

    Here is a preview of our Spring Bundle 2021 contents:
    • (5x) Spring Crate Key
    • 7500 Claimblocks
    • 800 Autosell shard
    • (2x) 25% Consumable Global Money Booster
    Here is a preview of our Easter Bundle 2022 contents:
    • [Click for preview] Bundle Rainbow Armour.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made " " game suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made " " game suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made " " game suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made "they/them" game Pronoun suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made "she/her" game Pronoun suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic pre-made "he/him" game Pronoun suffix.
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic Particles "LadyBug".
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic Taunt " ".
    • [Click for preview] Cosmetic mPet "Chicken Run".
    • (6x) Spring Crate Key
    • 7500 Claimblocks
    • 800 Autosell shard
    • (2x) 25% Consumable Global Money Booster
    Here is some extra information:

    Season bundles are something we release every holiday related to the theme. Season bundles exist on the store until the next bundle arrives.

    If you have a store related issue, we have an amazing ticket system in which we'll help you resolve any issue you have in-regards to your payment issues. Please go to and follow the format to get your issue resolved!
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