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    | Spring Update

    Welcome to the Spring update! We will go into detail about what is new & changed on Peaceful Farms with today's update!

    | Fishing


    A new way of fishing is being introduced to the server! By fishing at the lake within spawn, you can catch some of our newest fishes that were brought into the ecosystem! There will also be a fishing contest held every hour and half at spawn to decide on the best fisherman!

    • The first place will receive 5 points & $100,000
    • The second place will receive 3 points and $50,000
    • The third place will receive 1 point and $25,000

    | Spring Crate


    A new addition has been made to /warp crates! This crate, by far, introduces the most amount of cosmetic and exclusive rewards in a single crate so be sure to check it out! The spring crate keys are up for grabs at the store along with a
    25% storewide sale.

    | Easter Egg Hunt


    Easter Egg Hunt has been introduced to the spawn. Head to /warp spawn and find all 30 easter eggs to receive some exclusive rewards!

    These are the list of additional changes that were made with or prior to this update:

    - Removed valentines build from spawn (Spawn back to its original state)
    - Relocated Jerry the sheep
    - "Trainee Staff", "Staff Member" and other tags were removed for the time being.
    - Addressed issue with receiving nothing from Valentines 2019 crate.
    - Removed "Popular Items" and "Sell Prices" from the shop.
    - Using a milk bucket on a mob no longer changes their growth.
    - Disabled disguises from being able to double jump.
    - Npc's in spawn can no longer be modified by players.
    - Updated some automated in-game messages.
    - Addressed all issues with certain trail types not working.
    - Added Developer requirements
    - Addressed the issue with disguises causing the tab to be unorganized.
    - Custom suffix has returned to /tags with a 5minute timer.
    - Fixed issue with certain shop items relocating to unrelated shops
    - Fixed some small issues with Nether warp.
    - /Withdraw can no longer be used when the inventory is full.
    - Money notes can no longer be renamed.
    - Players can no longer use Marry chat and mail send while muted.
    - Donator items, KIT items, sell shards and possibly more can no longer be put on Auction House.
    - Disguises can no-longer be renamed or optimized in any way.
    - KIT items and sell shards can no longer be renamed.
    - Fixed small things with spawn and warp tutorial.
    - Disabled Auction House refresh rate due to a bug where it would go back to the first page when viewing the page after x amount of seconds
    - Player limit changed from 100 to 150.
    - Ranking up now displays the correct color instead of just gold + and individual green ranks.
    - Particle messages have been optimized to tell you if they're enabled or disabled.
    - You can no longer rename "$", "£" or other currency symbols or place them on the auction house.
    - Shulker Boxes can no longer be put in the auction house due to bypassing restricted items.
    - Fixed major performance issues with /shop. Thank you SpyCrab for making us aware of this.
    - Vouchers (Items you right click from crates) now apply to the player instantly. (Doesn't Apply to Pets)
    - Fixed fireworks on /shop
    - Majority of vouchers have been changed to only be claimable once.
    - Optimized seasonal crates to now randomize rewards instead of having chances.
    - Fixed small issues with the shop.
    - Additional stability changes
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