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    It's with heavy heart i'm writing this. As a staff member of a larger server it's very dismaying to see staff here use their commands and their position to influence game play / chat and other things within the game.

    Remember most of these staff members are younger than the actual player base of this server. You're not a parent, you're not better than anyone on the server, and you're not paid to do this job, it's a volunteer position.

    Quite often i see a lot of over modding, this is using excessive commands to take care of an issue, that is quite frankly taken care of with other means.

    For example. The /cc commands should be used, to delete stuff in chat that cannot be taken away that young members of the community shouldn't be seeing.
    As of recently I've seen the /cc command take care of change of topics, disputes, bad words and joking around between friends. If you think it is breaking a rule, that affects only 1 or 2 players you should be using specific commands such as /mute or /ban if they're excessively breaking rules. If it's a global or network wide chat issue such as: saying the N word, or spamming server ips, then by all means use /cc.

    We also see staff getting involved with things that they a) dont have power to fix b) isn't breaking rules and want to swarm the issue to see if it does. (This also falls into the unprofessional-ism i'll mention later). People should feel safe playing on the server, and fee free to act within the rules, and shouldn't be over modded to the the point a staff member actually said to me "it's in the log file go see what you missed, or ask the person to send it to you again" . (also getting into professionalism)


    A staff member (Volunteer) is a reflection of the server, and ultimate assist the server owner and manager is providing an experience that for the most part is relaxing, fun and enjoyable. A staff member shouldn't be smiling / winking / laughing or announcing upcoming punishments. They shouldn't be making light of the punishments and should be choosing the right punishment for the rule break.

    For example some of the things I've seen in the past few weeks/months

    "I'm just going to start muting ^^"
    Name: Suffix: BANHAMMER
    " I'm going to bean him"
    " Dont worry if he keeps it up i'll bean him"
    "Google is a thing"
    " if you dont like it report me"

    There are quite a few more instances of this and really show a lack of professionalism on the volunteers, and reflects poorly on the server.

    I've held many positions the past and just left a server (as Mod) to come back to PF. I might remind you that my information was dox'd by a staff member (knowingly or unknowingly doesn't matter) and is further evidence of the lack of discipline and professionalism Within the current staff core.

    I would Like to take this time to offer some suggestions to better the perception of staff, and make the game more enjoyable for all.

    Staff Related Suggestions
    - Alt accounts for staff (if they have, and if there are more than 2-3 staff on at a time)
    - Have a clear cut command use policy, and enforce bad behavior / unbecoming conduct.
    - Limit the amount of over modding
    - Have mandatory time off from staff duties - 2 nights a week (over worked volunteers produce bad environments.
    - add a staff tag "On duty" or "Off Duty" if all staff dont have an alt account
    - Staff can only be in vanish while checking on players ( players want to feel like a staff is near by if needed)
    - Server owner make an appearance 1-2 bi weekly (non fix related)
    - read the forums more often, and or add a forum specific moderator role.
    - add a new role that can assist in managerial positions
    - raise the general age requirement to become staff.

    Non staff related suggestions
    - make leaves purchasable in shop
    - add /rtp biome to permission list so those that received perk can use
    - fix quartz not affected by "spooky pick" fortune
    - take out tags from time capsule
    - add more armor and tools
    - Get rid of sell shards, and use sell wand
    - add poppy's to the /sell all at a ridiculously low price if needed.

    Thanks for reading, i know parts of this are hard follow, and some of it seems like the rambles of an old man.
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    First of all, I commend you for creating this post. It’s within my responsibility that the entire staff team are to treat anybody on the server with nothing but complete respect & I personally apologise for the behaviour you’ve come across either it be true or false.

    I would like you to comment this under this post here. You could keep it the same, elaborate(Although you don’t really need too), explain more of different topics, etc.
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