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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Angelazreil, May 26, 2019.

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    May 26, 2019
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    So when I was double checking rules the no stealing and griefing are fine but there wasn't one about about claiming over other builds or stealing inactive builds when gold shovel protections drop. It would probably be just a simple amend to the rules but you should add it to keep people from doing this for big farm build/spawner setups.
    Also the other rule: "Users caught exploiting the server with the sole intention of creating lag will be subject to an immediate permanent ban." I am assuming this means lag factory but I see no rule for redstone build max size, no restrictions on how many hoppers per chunk/spawners, or even any other deteriorate to auto farm other than 10 minute kick. The reason I bring it up is for server health even when I have decent ping, lag is something I have noticed especially when lots of high level ranks are on. This can be frustrating for people starting out or even trying to do stuff on the server if others are simply afk/grinding money sitting loading hundreds of spawners in as it inhibits early game development when blocks arent breaking correctly/lagging back when exploring/blocks ghost under you while building. So maybe consider a limit to auto farms or limit per chunk of spawners for overall server health I don't know what tps average is or if it worth investigating for other plugins such as mob stacker/lowering shop prices for auto farmable crops and mobs ex:sugarcane, melon, pumpkin, raw meats. I enjoy farming and if the eco shifts to crops being more valuable when harvested manually seems like a win win versus whoever makes best auto farm and watches netflix while moving every 9 minutes.
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    Jan 8, 2018
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    Claiming over someone else's build is included in the griefing rule where it says "We also classify stealing another's belongings in this category." As for the lag machine rule, it only applies if you are deliberately trying to create lag, no matter how large your machine is. If you are making a redstone machine with the intent to farm produce, I don't see why it should be limited. Auto-farms are a perfectly legitimate way to play on the server. Also I think I should point out that watching netflix and only moving every 9 minutes is a violation of the AFK abuse rule, which says "If you’re standing next to an auto farm, you’ll have to be actively moving or active in chat. AFK abuse also consist of moving tiny bits every now and then solely to avoid going afk and afking until being kicked then manually logging back in just to go AFK again." I do agree that it would be nice if manual farming had a few more perks to level the playing field a bit, and one way I think that could be implemented is if you could modify mcmmo so that whenever you would get double drops, you instead get 5x drops.