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    Please read the attached .pdf ~TheCraftySlayer

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    I don't know why this was posted as a PDF because it makes it harder to read and respond to but here we go ^^"

    It has been almost 5 years since I have been playing on this server and I have to say that there is a problem that no one considers. The problem being the economy is catered towards the pre-existing players who have more time and money.
    The economy isn't tailored this way at all. The economy works the same way for everyone, and everyone starts out with the same amount of money and the same opportunities to make this. It makes sense that people who spend more time on the server will make more money overall - that's just, how it works. If you're farming more for longer you're going to end up with more money.

    What this means is that with their money they can hire new players to work on their farms so that expansions can be made, gaining them more profit which will allow them to hire more people for more expansions. What this entails the people is that they have a spot on the balance top board for however long they have their money. The argument that the players with big farms worked hard for it does work most of the time.

    People do work hard for it. They spend time on the server, they put effort into it. If you look into it, you'll notice those with the most money and the largest farms have this because they've spent the time building this. Also, you're just describing how businesses and such work anyway. You work so you can get more money to pay people to help you so you can expand. The people at the top aren't sitting and doing nothing - they're working whilst getting others to work alongside them so that they can up their productivity, but they still had to work to get to this point.

    But we are forgetting the little guy, the one with no money to his or her name working on the farm and trying to compete with the monopoly they are faced with. But the monopoly just keeps growing and growing and growing, the little guy is overshadowed by the towering monopoly.

    Again, everyone starts in the same place, with the same balance and same opportunities. Yes, some people join late, but there isn't really a way we could give them a boost to combat the fact that they've joined late. Our resets do this anyway usually, aside from having the PV so that players do not lose everything they've worked for.

    1. After players reach a certain cap on their balances, their will be taxes imposed on the crops they sell. Once they go under the cap they will not be taxed.
    Highkey I don't really mind the tax idea. I think mostly my view on this is that its really not that serious, we're not fully trying to imitate a real economy, this isn't necessary, and it would be strange to take money off players and just, get rid of it. Also players will be upset because its a game and they do work hard to get their money.

    2. There should be a fair market where it is not ruled by two crops (Melon and cactus). We need a more diverse market where players are selling not just cactus and melons but every single crop on the market more often than they should be doing.

    We have already reduced the sell prices on farms that can be automated. There is little more that we could do. If you'd like to make suggestions, please do, but we're already trying to make autofarms less prevalent on the server. However, anyone can make these farms. If they choose not to, that is their decision. As well as this, things like carrot farms are already being largely encouraged on the Potato server.

    3. We need a price control for monopolies. When a person with a certain balance goes to sell their prices will be altered due to their balance. If you have a low balance you get more money for what you sell as well as the money from your rank. If you have a high balance you get less money from what you sell, but you still get the same money from your rank.

    Part of the reason people rank up is so that they can get higher sell prices to be able to reach the next ranks easier. If we were to reduce the prices, people could just withdraw their money or refuse to rank up. There are so many ways around this.

    4. Players with high balances should be taxed on the amount of land they own. If they have vasts amounts of money then why shouldn't they be able to pay for their claim?

    You already do pay for claim blocks, either by investing more time, or buying them via pointshop or from other players. I don't see why they should then have to pay more. This could also create issues when people are trying to resize their claim, remove their claim to claim a larger or smaller area, etc.

    So many older players entirely fixate on what the server used to be that they forget to consider what it is now. Thank you for your feedback, but please consider that whilst the server has changed a lot, a lot of people do enjoy how it is now ^^