Denied Trails being removed from the Ultimate package

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Should The /Trail Command Be Given Back To The Ultimate Players?

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  1. TheCraftySlayer

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    Jan 6, 2018
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    I remember a time when we Ultimate players had the /trails command in our hands. We had access to every trail that plugin had to offer. But now...Voting Points?! What happened to our benefits which came with the Ultimate status. Sure some may argue there may be lag problems...just turn down particle effects. Honestly... for the server to remove the /trail command and to have it only entitled to those who vote is just a way for to server to get more popularity. In my opinion, /Trails need to be given back to the Ultimate Players but also kept in the Server Shop as voting rewards. Another option is non donor players can have less trails than donor players who are entitled to more trails.~Crafty
  2. Adam Newe

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    Jan 6, 2018
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    1.13 Has caused some of the plugins that involve particles to lag such as fireworks with the power-ups such as berserk etc. Although I'm not entirely sure trails causes lag but it probably does. As an ULT myself I would love for it to come back to ULT'S once the plugins and lag are fixed on the server.
  3. Chickencharm

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    Jan 8, 2018
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    I would definitely agree and would also like to point out that /trails is not the only thing that has disappeared from ult. /disco, /clearinventory, and /disguise have been removed as well. Also I don't think lag is the problem because normal fireworks and breaking blocks and stuff doesn't cause lag. The lag caused by using an mcmmo ability is just a bug with mcmmo.

    EDIT: I didn't see the huge argument in discord before I posted this. I just want to be clear that I mean this as a suggestion, not as a demand.
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  4. Ky

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    Jan 1, 2018
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    No, you’re completely false actually. When Jacob made a reasonable decision to move from enjin to buycraft, all donator ranks were at loss during the change over causing us to issue and encourage all donators to either fill out a google app or create a ticket on our forums in order to receive back all the money they’ve previously spent on our enjin store which we have no regrets with. We convert the money from CAD to USD and create coupon for how much they’ve spent and its created fairly without any huge altercations. Jacob re-made all ranks and removed hostile/peaceful which obviously can lack in anybody’s mind if not fitted to there expectations; however, you chose to buy the ULTIMATE rank without reading what advantages or cosmetics you receive in the package you bought when with the money you got refunded. Please be alert next time when purchasing things with expectations. /trail, /disguise, /disco and /clearinventory all were not removed in game and can be found throughout the server if you look correctly, these features are just not involved with our ultimate package anymore.

    Answering this post, no they will not be returning the way you expect as we are now encouraging this with point shop system. /disco( which is now /rainbow may return in future hoilday bundles ). We will be working on something regarding trails for donators but again, you will not be gaining all trails out of it, same for disguise.

    We’re always looking for donator rank suggestions or any suggestions infact, so please, if you have crazy idea, please create a thread here: