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  1. atPuddle

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    Feb 10, 2018
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    Peaceful Farms is a great growing community with new players every day. As of course, as more players join, we do, however, need some more layers. Meaning that the server needs more staff and many players who have the potential fails to do one thing, which is their quality and effort they put into their application. Many players have it in them to be a staff member and are responsible enough but they just need to work more on their application. This guide is made to benefit the players more and how they can be able to take on being staff.


    I. Getting Started
    II. Requirements
    III. The Process
    IV. Tips
    V. FAQs

    VI. Apply

  2. atPuddle

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    Feb 10, 2018
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    We will now start with the application format, you can find the application format when you start your applications, go to Application Category > Applications. We will be reviewing all the questions and what to put as it.

    Basic Information


    In-Game Name or IGN (For short) is your username on Minecraft. You must provide your current valid username. Don't provide your UUID or anything else besides your username. Please don't change your username while your Peaceful Farms application is still open. If you did happen to be accepted, the worse thing to do is change your username while you have an open application. They would need to give you the Trainee rank in-game and if they can't find you, there might be some problems. Just provide your valid, current Minecraft username and don't change it or modify it until you've been answered on your application.

    Your age is a way to identify who you are in a way. They use this because they want to know how old you may be, so they can be able to know you better. Do not lie about your age, just don't. You must be at least 13 years of age to apply for staff as well. If you lie about your age, you will be instantly denied and may exclude you from applying next time. One reason is that you need to use Discord as a form of communication and you need to be at least 13 years old to use Discord. People do this because they desire to get respect from other users like you might be 13 but you put you are 16. State your real age so we can know you better.

    Time Zone
    Time zones are time stamps for certain parts of places around the world. Time zones are a way to know where you sort of are around the world and what time it will be for you. This can help to know when you'll be on the server and when you would be on to fill your duties. If you don't know your time zone, there are ways to find out your time zone. You can go to websites like http://timeanddate.com/ which can be able to find your time zone, as long you have your location settings on. You can also just ask any voice assistants and ask them "What is my time zone?" or just look it up online and search up "What is my time zone?". Never put your country, just put your time zones, even if they are UTC, GMT, or others.

    First Joined PF
    You must be part of Peaceful Farms for at least a month as we don't want new members applying straight away. If you don't know when you've joined Peaceful Farms, just go on the server and do /joindate and it'll tell you when was the first time you've joined the server. Don't lie and say you've been part of Peaceful Farms from a different date than when you've joined. They will be checking to make sure you've been part of the server for at least a month.

    Punishment History
    Although you do need to have a clean record, you can still be punished by able to redeem yourself quickly. There has been a new update where you can check your punishment history. Just do /shop > click Profile(The item that looks like your Minecraft head) and you'll see 3 papers labeled has Recorded Mutes, Recorded Bans and Recorded Warns, which you can click to see if you have any punishments. You can also do /record to access it quicker. You must list all your punishment if any. Staff members will be checking this for proof to ensure that you've enlisted all punishments. Make sure you list why you received each punishment and what you've learned.

    Time Played
    You must play Peaceful Farms for at least 24 hours. We want there to be active staff members and users who play on the server a lot. This is a way to show how active you've been. If you want to know how long you've played, do /shop > Hover your mouse over Profile (Which looks like your Minecraft head) and you'll see where it says time played. Don't lie how long you've played on the server as they will check this for proof.
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    Moderation Information

    Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?
    Most players used to work in other Minecraft servers and have experiences moderating them. This tells staff members that you have some experiences on how to moderate a Minecraft server, depending on how big the community is. You should always put this because it helps to know where you are up to moderating a server. Don't put any other games/community such as Discord, as it is asking for Minecraft servers.
    Make sure to:
    - Provide the server name(not IP).
    - Tell us what you've done.
    - What was so important about your role?

    Make sure you use complete sentences when providing this.

    Are you currently staff on any other servers?
    This question is connected to "Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?". Provide if you still work on the server(s) you've provided. Tell us what server you still working on and what are you doing right now currently. You can work on other servers but just make sure you fulfill your time on Peaceful Farms. Peaceful Farms also will not be responsible if you somehow get demoted due to working on other servers.

    How much time can you dedicate towards PF?
    Tell us how much time you would come online to assist others on the server. You should spend at least the minimum of 2-3 hours taking part on the server. This is just a recommended hour, you can spend more hours if you want, but not too much though. So you can be able to balance your real life errands and not spend too much time on your computer. If you are a staff who is usually inactive, you will be removed or given a second chance, so try to balance time.

    What makes you qualified for a staff position on PF?
    This is the center of your application. Meaning that this is where you will be judged mostly on your application. Make sure that you have a plan before you start writing. Here are some rubrics I've planned out that you can use.
    Be sure to:
    - Starting with a thesis.
    When you writing, start with some starter sentences like, "I believe that I am qualified enough to become a staff on Peaceful Farms." Don't start with "I think I can be a moderator on the server because I want to help out users.". This is a bad start to your application. Saying "I think" doesn't show that you are sure that you are qualified. Also, don't put moderator because you are applying for Trainee, so either just say Trainee or staff, don't say any other rank.

    - Making your reasons.
    When making reasons, say authentic reasons, don't say that "I want to be staff because I want to help out players who want help." Staff members aren't the only people who are allowed to help, users can help as well with formal questions. Also, at least use high-level vocabulary if you are going to say that. So for example, "I would like to be staff because I want to be able to provide contribution to the server." This sounds more high-level and more appealing to whoever is looking at your application.

    - Don't state the wrong reasons.
    What many applicants put on their application is that they want to be staff to punish the rule breakers, do not do this as it isn't what is the most important part. For example, "I would like to become staff to ban the rule breakers who are breaking the rules.", this shows that you know nothing about the rules and you only focus one thing. You can say that you want to help punish users but it's not the important part. Here is an example, "I would like to be staff to be able to help protect the server from players who break the rules, as this isn't the most important part of being a staff." This is more high-level and more appealing.

    - Summarize your sentences and support it if necessary.
    Make sure when you write a sentence explaining why you should be staff, you backup your reasons/sentences. For example, "I would like to become staff because I believe I am responsible enough. I respect players and report players who are causing distress to other users. Users also see me as a role model to other people as someone who is smart." This is a perfect explanation and it backs up your reasons.

    - Add goals to your application.
    It is always good to share your goals and what you want to achieve on the server. For example, "I hope to be able to create a program for the server that helps out the users." This is good and it shows that you want to make a goal during your staff time.

    - End your application with a conclusion.
    After you finish with summarizing and giving your reasons, you now conclude by making argeements or just make a final statement. For example, "As I end my application, I will make sure to fulfill my duties and allow higher roles to manage me. I hope to help to volunteer to make Peaceful Farms a more friendly place to be." This is a perfect conclusion, it should be at least 2-3 sentences and full sentences.

    Follow this rubric to help you make a perfect application. You don't want to make your application to short or too long as well.

    Final Information

    Do you have anything else you'd like the application team to know about you?

    This part is optional but recommended. If you have any information you'd like to say, you should put it here. Such as medical conditions, school time, or just a thank you message, then say it here. This information is important if you need to say anything and it is always good to say information on this.

    We obliged you for deciding to apply for staff on our server but there are certain requirements we ammend users to have in order to have great, quality staff team. Here are the requirements we insist you have in order to apply.

    Be at least 13 years of age.
    Being part of the staff, we want there to be at least older users to lead the server. One reason is that we don't want younger users applying as that we want them to be a bit more mature before applying. The other reason is since Discord only allows people who are 13 or older. Since Discord is a primary communication on this server, we don't want users under 13 to apply.

    Must have played Peaceful Farms for a month.
    We want users who've been part of our community for a long time and I've always been dedicated to the server to apply. Many new users apply for staff and don't know a lot about the server and they think they'll get accepted by this.

    Must at least played 24 hours on the Peaceful Farms server.
    This is a way to show how active you are. If you are a user who is active and always social with players, then we will know you are loyal and dedicated to the server. To know how long you've played, do /shop > Hover your mouse over "My Profile", which looks like your Minecraft head figure.

    Must have a clean record.
    If you've been punished on our server a lot by any means, we may not pick you as that you don't follow the rules as much. Sometimes, you can redeem yourself if you start being less toxic around the community and others.

    Must at least have Discord as communication.
    Discord plays a big role on Peaceful Farms. This is how users/staff members communicate and you will need to be comfortable communicating with microphone.

    Be mature and responsible.

    As on any server, being mature and showing responsibility is an important aspect. Being irresponsible isn't showing you deserve staff and fooling around isn't making you look good towards the users.

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  4. atPuddle

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    Feb 10, 2018
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    After you submit your application, here comes the boring yet nerve-wracking. As you wait until you are messaged if you've been accepted or denied, the staff team are talking this out and discussing who will be the next staff member. After you wait for a few days, usually the manager, Ky, will make the final decision and will decide if you will be chosen to be staff or not. There are different outcomes to what will happen if you are either accepted or denied.

    If you've been accepted, then you will soon receive a message saying you are accepted from your application thread and from you mail. Then, you will be scheduled a trainee meeting to discuss your role and what you are able to do. After this meeting, you will be required to do some few things before given the Trainee rank. During your Trainee rank, you will help players and must enforce the rules to see if you will move on to a full moderator job or not.

    If you are denied, you will soon an alert from your thread saying you've been denied. On that alert, it will tell you why you got banned, some feedback and any other information. After, you must wait 30 days before sending another application. If you don't wait your 30 days, you may be blacklisted from applying ever.

    Here are some tips to help you along your application.

    When doing this application, it is critically important to always check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. For example, most people when they do their application, they don't capitalize the letter "I". This letter is supposed to be capitalized and that is how it is. Make sure no random words is capitalized or lowercased. Remember to make sure that you've spelled the words right because you don't want to spell any words wrong. This can easily mess up your application because the users won't know what you've said and it can mess up the style of the application. Punctuation is good too because you must remember to put a period after every sentence and commas when you are breaking down something. Don't cause a run-on sentence because you forgot one punctuation mark. You can also use Grammar tools such as Grammarly, Ginger, etc. You can download them as they are free or use an online website. You can ask anyone to check this for you such as a friend, family and even teacher if they are willing to help. Make sure to double-check after each paragraph and don't press submit until you are 100% satisfied with your application.

    I understand an application is important and it is good to make it long as possible but sometimes having it long is too boring and don't make it appealing. The reason is because when you keep making it longer, you run out of information to see and it starts to either be unrelated to your application or doesn't make sense. Keep your application not too short or too long, doesn't have to be a whole essay, just keep it on topic and perfect.

    Whenever it is just your IGN or age, you should answer each question high-level and full sentence. Don't leave no details left behind on your application as it is what will help you to succeed. Also use high vocabulary as well.

    What is worse thn getting your application denied because it wasn't good enough is getting it denied by asking. Your application is on a wait list and each application will be answered, you are not ignored. Just be patient and you'll get your chance.

    This is the most important part, always be completely honest in your application. Lying can result into your application getting invalidate. Staff members want to get to know the real you and making up information can lead to a lot of distress to the manager and the people who are in charge of your application.

    More Tips coming soon.


    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) you may probably have about this thread.

    Is this an official guide?
    This isn't really an official guide made by Peaceful Farms but I've volunteered to make this myself to help out users who are having issues with applications.

    Did you made all this yourself?
    Yes, I've made this all by myself, this took me the whole day to do but I've finally did it. I made all the rainbow title and information were used mostly from sources around the official forum post.

    I see a mistake on this guide, what do I do?

    If you happen to see a mistake, please message me and what I've messed up on. I want this to be perfect as possible, so please message me if you see any wrong information.

    Why is this guide even made?
    This post was made to help players to who struggle improve better.

    How will this help me get staff?
    This isn't suppose to get you stff but really suppose to get you staff but improve your application. The mission of the post is to help you out on information you may need.

    How long will my application take to be answered?

    Usually it takes a few days to be answered as it must be reviewed. Just don't ask a staff member to check it or it will be denied.

    Will this thread be updated?
    I hope to update this if any changes happen. I don't want to leave any information out and I will try my best to update this.

    My question is not here, what do I do?

    If you have a question and don't see it, then you can either ask it by sending a post or messaging me.


    Do you believe you got what it takes to apply?

    Application Link:

    Application Format:

    ~ Diamond
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