Valentines Update!

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    If you would like to support the Peaceful Farms Network at all, you may purchase packages, donator ranks & much more over on our store at
    If you would like to donate to help keep the server online, active, and more, you can donate over at

    This announcement entails the implementation of our Valentines Update on the Peaceful Farms Network.
    Valentines now introduces a new event. This Valentines Event will go on until MARCH 1ST 3PM EST, 12PM PST. Jerry lost all his roses. Collect his roses by breaking blocks and crops! Breaking Crops will give you a better advantage. Breaking items/blocks that can be replaced and broken easily have an even lower rate. Winners of this contest will win x1 Delicate Tag and x1 Rose gold wings Particle. Good luck!

    Here are some of the current updates that have been released:

    • New crate feature "Tool Rename". You can rename tools with these rename tokens that are exclusive to season crates.
    • New tool enchantment "Bait". Increase your chance at catching a bigger fish at spawn!
    • New taunt reply and link feature. Specific taunts will now have these feature and you don't need the taunt to reply to view the link thats attached. You can find this feature active in the Vine taunt and uwu taunt.
    • Point shop. Point shop has been slightly revamped to now involve other point packages like tempfly, Autosell shards and more!
    Here are some updates we're planning to release:
    • Prestige5
    • Guardian Boss.
    Prestige5 is almost done! From working hard on making sure the requirements and rank costs are adjusted to match the economy and work smoothly on main servers. Prestige5 will bring many different small features and new requirements that involve compression and some other mysterious requirements involving 1.16. The Guardian Boss has been something PF has never done before! This boss will bring you a game-mode that involves different puzzles and team work activities.
    Valentines is here! We're excited to inform you that Valentines now has a Deluxe Valentines Bundle! These bundles have exclusive cosmetics and fun new additions that involve taunt reply! Valentines Crate Keys and Crate Key Parties have also been released. Get your hands on the new hex color coded suffix tags, tool rename tokens. We also have put in our new enchantments "Excavation" and "Bait" onto these new crate tools. Check them out today!

    There is a current Valentines sale of 20% so grab onto these new store packages while you can at a cheaper price!

    Here is the difference between the Standard Valentines Bundle & the Deluxe Valentines Bundle:

    • S 6 Christmas Crate Keys. | D 12 Christmas Crate Keys.
    • S 7500 Claim blocks. | D 15000 Claim blocks.
    • S 800 Sell shard uses. | D 1600 Sellshard uses.
    • S 25% Global sell booster x2 | D 30% Personal sell booster x2
    You can find the Standard Valentines Bundle, Deluxe Valentines Bundle and Valentines Crate Keys and a variety of different cosmetic bundles and store packages on our web store. Click here to be redirected!

    Happy Valentines. From the staff team and jerry <3