Open When stacked items are partially picked up, the rest of the stack becomes invisible

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    Jan 6, 2023
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    Description: When you walk over a stack of items on the ground but don't have enough inventory space, you will pick up as much as possible as expected, however the rest of the stack will turn invisible but will still be collectable. For example if there is 128 dirt stacked on the ground and you only have 1 inventory slot available, you will only pick up 64 dirt and the remaining 64 dirt will stay on the ground but will become invisible.
    Server: Seen on Carrot
    Expected behavior: The remaining stack should remain visible
    Steps to reproduce: Throw items on the ground, after they stack, walk over them with only enough inventory space to take some of them. the rest of the stack will become invisible.
    How long ago was the bug introduced?: unknown