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    | Summer Update!
    Welcome to the Summer Update! We will go into detail about new features, fixes, and more below!
    We're excited to announce these kind of features and extremely proud of the team and BETA team for testing all these new features. Please also be aware that more BETA testers will be accepted over time so please consider applying at

    | Performance changes and fixes!
    | Item-stacking
    Most of you may be aware that the server has had approximately 40-50 minutes down-time on Wednesday 19th 2019. These changes were focused on performance issues addressing hopefully most of the server lag over the past month. We have also fixed and addressed the taunts issue!

    Item-stacking is now a lag-free feature that collects the same item within a 5 block radius and groups them into 1 item going over the limit of 64x instead of having hundreds/thousands of melons, cactus, or other related items being stuck and causing the lag you have attended to see over the past month.
    Stacked items on the floor get cleared every 15 minutes even in unloaded chunks making Peaceful Farms less laggy experience with all the auto-farms in-game.

    Here is an image below showing you what stacked items look like:


    | Taunts
    As previously you may have not been aware but there were a couple taunt performance issues with the plugin failing to deliver to cancel particles or different type of effects as-well as taunts causing slight lag and a whole load of background issues. This has all been resolved and the plugin has been re-written by Steven making the plugin stable and effective when using taunts. Please view the change log provided at the bottom of this post for more details.

    | Other information
    More changes and fixes will be applied over time and we're bound to crack down on most reports received. Please don't hesitate to report a bug by clicking here OR reporting a bug on one of our discord channels by clicking here!

    | Discord rules, in-game rules and approved mods!
    | Slight rules update!
    Introducing discord rules and approved modifications! We decided it is time to implement lists and rules due to uncertainty on some platforms. Players have been unaware of certain rules or what is/isn't allowed and we thought it was time to at least update our rules before we dedicate a whole load of time to renewing them completely! With staff enforcing rules that were ordered to them, it should be at least be fair to the players that we make clear of the rules instead of waiting around.

    Changes can be found below this message:

    You can read up and find full descriptions of all rules by clicking here!

    | What is going on with the updated rules as promised?
    I cannot promise you enough personally that we have and are still working on these rules carefully and collecting the correct amount of feedback on the current rules, we want the best for our player base and also want you to greatly understand that things like this does have a huge impact on not only a forum post but with guidelines, system-wide changes, staff responsibilities, and even more. Such an update this will take time to deliver as clearly as possible.

    Creating a thread months ago, I wanted to create a place for you to give your opinion on rule changes and more and guess what? We still want that! We're looking to change up the rules and the entire format and how we're going to execute punishments and collect data. We're hoping to have a server-wide punishment wipe by at least when 1.14 is stabilized on the main server. Punishments will work from severity and not only take effect in-game but on our discord as well. Other information will be released and given over time. Thank you for understanding and our apologies for the huge delay.

    | Good bye Daily Quest, Hello Missions!
    Wow! who knew that so many players would actually invest so much time into our Daily Quest? not me! that's for sure; although, with that success, we wanted to bring you a better experience to the table. Please welcome the replacement for Daily Quest, Missions! Missions is a huge update we're wanting to work on and give the player base something that is actually worth doing. With mega updates to come in in the future, we'll be releasing updates for this slowly to bring the best experience to YOU.

    Here are a list of differences compared to Daily Quest:


    and get this! that's only a little bit compared to what we have planned to release in the up-coming weeks/months. I'll let you in on something! WEEKLY MISSIONS! VOTING MISSIONS! MORE!

    Of course even though this has been tested thoughtfully, we still believe there might be some nasty bugs we haven't spotted. Please don't hesitate to report these bugs by clicking here OR reporting them on our discord by clicking here!
    | Summer Sale 30% OFF & Summer Crate
    From us to you! Have an amazing summer! with holidays come jaw slamming sales and have this 30% sale on all items and packages on our store! while you're at it, why not get some keys!

    This crate has been one of our best and colourful crates yet with new cosmetics and tools and even.. a 30% personal booster!

    | Summer Bundle Deluxe & Non-deluxe Summer Bundle!
    | Deluxe and non-deluxe bundle information!

    Now having previous summer bundles, we have decided to give more options when releasing season bundles with previous season bundles. These bundles will work the same as any normal bundle meaning, yes! they will stay for only a limited time! The difference between Deluxe and non-deluxe is that non-deluxe will feature all the new summer bundle contents and the deluxe will have it all! Comparison can be viewed below all the gifs and screenshots!

    The deluxe and non-deluxe bundle will be released on June 21st! WHICH IS TODAY!
    Make sure to grab your deluxe or non-deluxe bundle today with exclusive and fun cosmetics.

    Please click here to go to the summer bundle package!

    | Bundle Cosmetics and contents!
    | Rainbow Armor!

    | Taunts!

    | Particle!

    | Tags!

    | Pets!

    | Disguise!

    | Trails!


    Omg those look absolutely amazing don't they?!

    Please view the list of comparisons between the deluxe and non-deluxe below!

    | /record IS BACK!
    Bringing you a better version of the previous /record. We wanted to perfect this custom plugin that is everything the other record was not! we fixed up the bugs and lag issues, and we would like to introduce something that stands out from the last. From viewing how many server punishments have actually been given to players. Welcome back /record!

    Punishments GUI can be viewed by clicking your player head in /shop, clicking on your NPC at spawn, or by typing /record. Thank you :)


    Again, sorry to mention this again but please please please if you spot any bugs or glitches to report on our discord by clicking here or report them on the forums by clicking here!

    | Additional Information
    First off, over the past year we have seen an influx of changes which has had a great impact on Peaceful Farms. We're more than amazed with how much the server has grown as well as the community. We're planning to further our growth to establish ourselves as a name in the entire minecraft community. We'd love for you to stay and continue the ride as this is just the start. We have a ton planned for you guys, you will be gob smacked!

    Here is a list of changes that have been made recently if you're interested :)

    - Server logo and MOTD have been updated. Thank you to certain individuals : )
    - Spawn has been updated to summer theme.
    - List of approved/disallowed modifications be found here:
    - List of new discord rules can be found here:
    - Taunts are now well optimised and better performance (no more bugs and glitches)
    - Facial Expressions Taunt has been adjusted to where you can now click for a random expression, right click to view all.
    - Taunts "Eight ball" & "Coconut" have been added to the taunts.
    - Taunts "OOF" & "Lightning" have been removed.
    - We have now implemented "Missions", view the Missions NPC at spawn.
    - DailyQuest has been removed and replaced with missions.
    - Summer crate has been added (RIP spring crate will be removed in a few days)
    - Taunts have been adjusted to now close after executing the taunt.
    - Auction house limit has been addressed. (Pay limit re-added 100mill MAX)
    - New link for rules i.e
    - Sell shards in crates have now been turned into vouchers making it so when you right click, it'll bound to the player who claimed instead of being instantly bound to the player who won the sell shard in the crate
    - Item stacking has been implemented effective immediately after the recent discord anouncement.
    - Item stacking was changed from a 8 radius to a 5 radius.
    - Item stacking now disregards buckets and potions from stacking.
    - Some auto-message changes.
    - Punishment Integration for /punishments has been re-added with a whole new look as-well as being absolutely lag free.
    - taunt "scare" was removed due to not meeting standards.
    (everybody with the taunt perms were replaced to now have icecream)
    - Many minor modifications.
    - /record is back baby!

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