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    Trainee Requirements
    Please only read this if you're thinking about making an application for trainee

    This thread will tell you what is required before you consider applying
    Please consider everything in this post as it'll help your chances greatly
    If you do not meet our requirements the chances of you receiving a position is low
    Have fun writing the application and without further ado these are the requirements:
    ● Have at least 24 hours of playtime on the Peaceful Farms server.
    Please be aware, this is a very common mistake but please mention your current in-game time.
    this can be found via /shop(hovering over your skull) or simply by going to spawn and looking at the npc.
    ● Please be active in the community, your join date should be at least a 1 month prior to the application.
    ● Read all the current rules, updated information and this post.
    (Updated rules link here:
    ● Be at least 16 years of age.
    ● Have a clean record ( Please speak with administrator or up if other )
    ● Have discord, other platforms will not be required.

    When applying please have your application be well written. Elaborate and expand your thoughts
    on the questions asked, simple text won't be acknowledged. Please be informative and show
    use of correct grammar.

    If you want help on your application to be sure to check out our suggested thread: Click here.

    Please be aware that when creating an application for the Trainee role on Peaceful Farms, we're asking that you're to use this format to enhance your application and help the Administration team see if you're qualified by answering all the asked questions. Please copy and paste this format onto a new thread when you're ready to apply.

    Please also be aware that applications are always open. This means applications can take up to 3-4weeks to be replied too depending on delays and updates. Thank you for your patience.

    Trainee Application Template

    Server Info:
    Minecraft Username:
    Discord Username:
    Do you use a nickname in-game? If so, what is it?:
    First joined PF:
    Punishment History:
    Time played:
    Please provide the link to previous application:

    Personal Info:
    First name: (Optional)
    Pronouns: (Optional)
    Do you speak any other languages:
    Describe yourself in 13 words:
    What do you do outside of Minecraft?:

    Staff Requirements:
    Have you read and followed the requirements?:
    (if not, please find them here)
    How familiar are you with our current rules?:
    Do you have any experience moderating on any other minecraft server?:
    Are you currently moderating on another server?:
    How much time can you dedicate to Peaceful Farms?
    What motivates you to apply for this role?
    What makes you stand out from other applicants?

    Extra Information:
    If a young player started spamming the chat, what would you do?
    If a player isn't listening to your verbal warnings and has repetitively broken a rule, what would you do?
    Do you agree not to harass staff members about your application?:
    Additional information:

    Any questions regarding this please don't be hesitated to message me.
    Yours sincerely, Manager b0ii.

    ( Good luck )
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